Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Dine in Nando's Jusco Malacca

woke up early in the morning to prepare to go back malacca and clear all my stuff back. went pick up auntie christine and billy at 8.30am then departed to malacca. then i took them to MEE SIAM at kampung lapan! hehehe, my all time favourite in malacca! but the auntie who selling mee siam didn't look like in good mood. after that Dataran Pahlawan... then Jonker for cendol and asam laksa... then my mum and auntie christine wanna go get some pineapple tarts at melaka raya.. after that only back to ixora to pack my things and check out.

really thanks to my mum, auntie christine and billy who helped me out!! thank you thank you thanks alot!!! i realized i do have lotsa things. -_-

and next, Jusco for nando's! but went to walk around first. and... yoo hoooo..... met someone. XD glad to meet you even it was just like 3 minutes? haha... =D u look smart today..

okay. time for Nando's! it was my first time visit to nando's jusco melaka even i stayed in melaka for one whole year already.

my dish

and their perri sauces really nice!!!!!

* woo hoo...finally parents gave me a green card for my plan! to JB and SG! next week next week! but then i'm broke. how? go there with RM200? enough? i bet no.


irene said...

that's what i told my mum, i wanna go SG and she said the sum of moolahs i have with me now won't even get me through the tol of JB. O_O""

Lee said...

hahaha! nice la! can go spore.
pls enjoy urself

reddishTea said...

king: ur mum must be kidding! go ur bank atm and click! hehehe....

P: haha. hopefully i can enjoy myself there. and hope the trip wont have any free time to waste or what lo. hope it's like our langkawi,penang trip.

Anonymous said...

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