Thursday, 8 May 2008

Hang out 080508

Today went Jusco S2 again.. with dai kei and jan... long time din hang out with jan d! still love to crap alot... no idea since when i became a rugby player and my favourite top is rugby suit. -_-
after that... as we've planned earlier, go to city park and take some photos together! forgot when was the last time we took pics together. =( but unfortunately, king can't join us again.

What i wore...

The view of city park.

The playground. I wanna go.. =X but it's only for under 12. =(

Get a drink 1st... thirsty... but it was like water + sugar. -_-

The 3 of us~~~~~

posing for dai kei.

I like this! BLUE jan.

I like this as well.. tweeee heeee heeeee. thanks dai kei~ XD



that was my bag.... twraaaa XD



Lee said...

38 du!! wat picture of the day!!!
yer!! i like tat pic which u're drinking !!!! nice!!!!!
u're good at taking photos!!

hueyMay said...

hahaha...i like the picture of the day!!

reddishTea said...

i also like picture of the day. hahahaha