Sunday, 25 May 2008

last day of foundation

This post written on 21st May night.

I’m BACK in my hometown! Spent my last day of foundation with Shaynee, Sam and Pavithra! Had a really great time with them! Applied Math and Chemistry paper screwed up. These 2 days feel so emo…due to the leaving. =( My tears even dropped when I was packing n leaving? After Applied math paper went back to Ixora to pack my stuff then go out with nee,sam,papa. We went to take our lunch 1st…. chicken rice ball! Again. But I love it. XD after that… we went Jetty KTV which is GOGO KTV. What a name. =|

We spent 3 hours there. Sing sang sung. Non stop. I think this is the first time I sang so much and even sing alone…….. =.= normally will drag big kei to sing with me. Cos I’m shy to sing alone. HAHA!

after K... we went to the cafe nearby to chill out a lil. the place is nice.

4 of us...

me and pavithra.

At 5.30, we went to the place we decided earlier on. Melaka Red House! To take photos… with pavithra. As she’s not going to cyber =( and 3 of us going. Will miss her so much especially her laughs. And we take take take take and take. Time FLIES… I have to go back as my mum keep nagging at me, ask me to go back early. But this is the last day in melaka!! Why can’t I stay a lil bit longer? *tsk tsk*

*sigh* begins to think about what my cyber jaya life will be since last week… I realized I do love melaka. Before this, I still hope time would pass faster so I can shift there earlier. But…. When the time comes, I’m unwillingly to leave…. The relationship I built with my friends have to return back to normal.. everything will change. Even now you vy good with her/him, but when u leave/stop contact for a period of time, a gap will appears.

On 29th April, PE 15 and PE 16 set up a farewell party at Klebang Beach, Melaka. that time i was having high fever but i went too... playing with my face pail... headache.. blur.. somemore been "campak" by frens into the sea... but in short, it was a nice party and thanks everyone who planned and worked it out. well done! *thumbs up*

all of us... the color is not nice due to my camera is not good for night mode. =(

at 1st just alvin, me, shaynee and pavithra.. and when the camera shutter's close... suddenly.. so many ppl came in. haha.

xiao hao, me, shaynee, raymond, mark and roy (clockwise)
to raymond, mark and roy.. good luck in everything and stay happy in melaka, hope everything goes fine for u guys. =) take care.

to alvin the tai lou... so sad u dowan to go cyber lar... really great to hav u as classmate and friend.remember to come visit us in cyber often... and bring me go sailing ya..... hehe. XD

Jerome and me... he's the physics pro! and he's so kind to help us whenever we need help. thank you vy much. =)

4 of us and wen chuan. haha. he jus came to disturb the photo. looked so pale! *ish*

and for you, behnam... all the best in everything. really glad to have u as friend and mix along well. there are always only laughters when u're around. and u're way too much different compare to other IS. study hard. =)

goodbye to mmu melaka and ixora apartment.

ill be away for langkawi and penang trip on 22nd May - 25th May. hope the trip will make me feel better. =)

Coming up next : Langkawi trip


Lee said...

nice 1. keep it up

hueyMay said...


BeHnAm said...

very nice,too bad i could't follow my class mates to that beach..
By ThE WaY NiCe BlOg !!!!Tq SuSu!!haha

irene said...

awww, so touching!

you dont look pale la!
you're always the cutest amongst them!

btw,i'm sure you typed too fast you're making your "pale" into "pail".
yangsui po, you couldn't wait for your trip izzit? until no time to check your spelling.


fadhil said...

omg.. too bad me n datu missed the bitch eh "beach" party.. lol.. hope u guys had fun.. we both share the happiness within those pictures u uploaded.. hehe

alvincheng said...

I have been studying here as well, mech eng. what course are u studying?