Monday, 12 May 2008

summon by MBMB =.=

yesh! parking summon by MBMB! Majlis Bandar Melaka Bersejarah! *cries*
last week i drove my little kancil to malacca... and i parked my car outside of ixora lor.. white line ok? and 2nd morning, i got a summon!and i thought RM30. and what the heck, to my surprise... i saw 3 figures! RM100!!!!!!!!! *mad* my car is so small and MBMB gave me such big summon, stupid lar! and it can only discount 50%, that means RM50... 1 shirt ok? 1 shirt flies~ *sob*

this is the copy of my summon~ saw RM100? crazy mbmb! siao!!!!!!

this morning... after ting le exam, then went jonker for chicken rice ball. at 1st we wanna go for nyonya laksa but then she's attracted by the chicken rice ball then we went in the shop 1st. after that only go for cendol lar! went few shops in jonker and wasted money again... Zzzz

ya this is my meal... the chicken and rice balls make the perfect match. XD ha...

then i saw this outside the shop. the bike is so damn nice! then the uncle who drove this sit opposite me. hahaha.. shy to ask him for a photo... hehe

from side view... so nice~ *admires* wanna try =(

the cendol from jonker '88'... best cendol in the town. (for me) after this sem, wont be have much chances to hav this anytime again.

inside the shop. alot artifacts..... geng..



Lee said...

i wan cendol!!! nyonya laksa!!!!
du, can tapau?

reddishTea said...

cannot .. haha. come la. holiday i drive u here lor if u wan. haha

hueyMay said...

can i?

reddishTea said...

of cos la
;D bila?