Friday, 30 May 2008

How fast are you?

just now my good friend Jan gave me a link of a speed test game. typing speed. LOL

1st trial 68
2nd trial 78
forgot save them.

and 3rd trial 87 words per minute!
87 words

Speed test

after my 7th trial
95 words

kaka, position 13469 of 864949 on the ranking list..... weeeetsss

Speed test

wanna try? just click the thumbnail or the blue underlined words

good luck =)


alvincheng said...

Wah, U type super fast. I shy shy d, i type maximum around seventy something only. Let me train a few years first then I will back here and tell u i reach 100. Hehe. jokind only. U really geng

reddishTea said...

lol. haha. thanks thanks. no need few years lar! mayb tomorrow u tell me u get 200 d.... haha! Xp

hueyMay said...

haha..i wanted to blog too..
now dunwan lohh
u so geng....

Lee said...


xuanchew said...

wah..i only reach 74 ^^
u so geng la..haha