Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Langkawi and Penang Trip Day 3 and 4

doing nothing at home for the wholeeeeee day! watched 4 episods of gossip girl. yesterday mum told me that will bring me to jusco for lunch today but then she broke her words. =.= so end up facing my laptop since 11am till now (8pm). *boredddddddd* now what i can do is... continue update my post of my vacation.... =D

so what happened on 3rd day?

same as 2nd day, i woke up at 6am to take my shower and then kei.. and after that, the guys' turns. at about 8am, we went to take our breakfast. walked to penang road looking for Nasi Kandar, yixiang said the Kayu Nasi Kandar is delicious but the shop was closed that time, maybe too early? many shops still not opened yet that time. as we were already hungry, we took our breakfast somewhere near market? no idea what was that. the food was just ok. and then we walked back to our hotel. aunt came to pick up xiang to take the car we rent.

our 1st destination is Kek Lok Si.... uh? this is the place i will visit each time i visit penang. no idea why. when waiting one love to do some praying, 4 of us sitting aside chit chatting and the weather was freakin hot! me and kei cant live without umbrella! so no doubt ken called us 'candle princesses', in malay 'puteri lilin' -_-

so what's the best thing we can do? no need to write it out i guess. =D

me and xiang.. he's flying to Pennsylvania(if im not mistaken) to pursue his degree this august. this probably our last trip together =( and i will definitely miss u vy much. espcially when u scold me "si bak yim". hope there are more trips we can go together! remember. save more money! *muakz*

after that, we went for Asam Laksa!

woa.. the stall is packed! but luckily we could find a table when we reached there. lucky i know.
and our Asam Laksa !!! *drooling*

me and kei posed for the camera with our asam laksa and sugar cane drinks.

KEN! i love this pic so much.... he's so cute in this pic! ha-ha-haaaa
and next, head to fruit farm! the journey took us bout 45 minutes. because we talk bout "safety first" and we asked yixiang to drive slowly especially when went up to the hill. the road was kinda dangerous.

and we reached...but we didnt go for the fruit buffet tour. because it cost RM25 per person and you can just get to try the normal local fruits.
pick the juice u wan from the menu. Acerola is nice! we ordered acerola, pink guava and hog plum.
our orders. very nice to have these in hot weather!
and then. us.. AGAIN
what's wrong with one love? keep staring at ken and ken seems no idea about it and continue pose for the camera! XD yeah... group shot.

after that, we left the fruit farm. along the way to batu ferringhi, we saw this! if im not mistaken, it called Teluk Bahang and the water is very clear!
sometimes people say girls are hard to understand. but i guess... boys too. -_-" no idea what are they doing... maybe enjoying the strong wind. XD
and anyone has any idea about this? unusual things? like what?
the next stop should be batu ferringhi because we want to try para sailing but unfortunately, we can't find the place we were looking for... so, we gave up and went back to penang road to have our nasi kandar and cendol~

this nasi kandar cost us RM8++ and my aunt told us that they cheated on us because we looked like tourists. *scream* forced to say... it's okaayyyyy.... because the nasi kandar is delicious~

and then cendol! look, phua chu kang been here too.
yixiang and love enjoying the cendol..
after that, we were so tired so we headed back to our hotel to clean up and took 2 hours rest! =) after we took our shower, all of us watched tv together until i fall asleep (HAHA!) and then after i woke up, all of us discussing about how's the life of yixiang will be after he go to US. and created alot of jokes especially boonken, i think it's bcos he watched too many american series. hahaha! but we had so much fun that time. and i feel we are getting closer to each other. =)

look at them. haha. i laugh everytime i look back at these 2 pics.

bout 8.30pm, we dressed up and ready to go to City Bayview Revolving Restaurant for our Ice-cream buffet~~~~~ whooooootttttsssssss *dance*me, kei and ken love mirrors and there was a huge mirror in front of the elevator which u need to take if u wan to go to their revolving restaurant, so of cos we won't miss the chance to take photo together! =D hehehe.

the BerkeleyFarms' ice-cream. which they have 8 flavours and 6 toppings with 2 syrups you can D.I.Y you dessert yourself . *)me =) grabbing 2 scoops of the ice-creams..

night view of penang island from the revolving restaurant. can see spot Komtar? the only tower in the pic. revolving restaurant is nice and i bet the one in kl tower one is nicer. will i have the chance to go? haha.and then...... we start..
sorry, i was kinda spoilt their pic. haha!
*protecting my ice-cream*

a normal one. hehe. continue scrolling......

eat up kei! *evilish laugh*

xiang biting up onelove's nose, kei rawring, and i feel so..*yiak* haha! and ZOOM IN to ken's lip!!! it is soooooooooooooooo funnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyy! haha.. that night when all of us gathered in my house(except xiang) we laughed like hell when saw this pic.haha
after that we went for Indiana Jones 4 in gurney gsc. don't wanna talk much bout it as... *ehem*we reached our room at 4am. and we got up at 7am in the evening as my aunt was coming to pick us up at 8.45am. we paid RM415.15 for city bayview! good bye penang and city bayview.

a view from our room

after that aunt took us to delicious penang hawker food!!!!!! we wanted to treat her but then she did not allowed us to do so, end up, she paid the bill. have to say a really BIG BIG thank you to her!!!! and then she fetched us to sg nibong bus station. our bus is at 11am. Konsortium bus. and we arrived Seremban at about 5pm. like that... our vacation ended.

really have to thanks to kei, ken,xiang and love for the great holidays!!!!! i started to miss the vacation now! =( thanks and i look forward to our next vacation! hope i won't have to wait too long........ hehe. love you guys till max *mwaaaaahhhhhhh*


irene said...

niceeee! and i'm speechless.
you guys had funnnn~ and i'm soooo jealous.

reddishTea said...

aww.. dun need to be jealous lar.... we can plan for another trip! =) like after ur stpm! =D

Lee said...

gosh, i cant help but LAUGH at the "dabian fish"

boon ken said...

Eh, why my hair looks reddish purple in the keh lok si photo one!?

reddishTea said...

P: yes lah!!!!! i also cant stop laughing each time i view the photo lor!

ken: duno.. mayb bcos of the sun? hahaha.... ur lip is soo funny~