Monday, 19 May 2008

Jonker & Shooter

last saturday after probability and statistic paper, me, sam and shaynee went jonker... because i came out with the idea which mayb it's my last time to go there because next time will be vy inconvenient if want to go as i'm shifting to cyber mmu campus. -_- 2 more days leaving mmu malacca. =( ? or =) ?

we left our house at 5.30pm and went to Dataran Pahlawan first because i wanted to meet up with my brother but he didnt want to .... such a bro... no la, but i knew he was busy too.
then our next station is jonker street. feel very different when i was visiting there on sat..mayb i cannot go there anytime i want already. as me n shaynee were starving, we dashed to the baba cendol shop. i think i will miss the cendol thr badly. =(

my asam laksa =)

our orders. i like the goreng goreng with the special sauce there!

the interior of the shop. looks antique.and it always playing chinese oldies.

part of the artificial things in the shop. just partly. alot more at other side.

and lastly... my cendol!!!! ya i know this one appeared in my post just few days ago. and im upload this photo again! bcos i really enjoy this vy much. =)

after that alvin,andy, kishok, hau loong and henry came n joined us for geographer. that night, geographer was sooooo packed! a loooottt people. from chinese to "guai lou".. XD and i admire the uncle who performs there every weekend very much! his voice is so damn good. and ya! i met jason leong there! as we never met each other before, so kinda hard to recognize at 1st. nice meeting u ya mr jason.

Geographer, Malacca. a must visit place in malacca!

sam and i felt not really enough of the beers as u know... 8 people sharing 1 bucket.... and we jus only drank a little. really A LITTLE.

after that, kishok dragged us to shooter... the snooker and pool arena. we don't want to go at 1st but after that think that.... they're staying in malacca and we're going to we went.

thanks to someone who taught me how to play pool 2 year + ago. i still remember a bit bit... but still need the pro-s to coach. and i won kishok!! kakaka. lost hau loong 2 balls and lost alvin 4 balls... alvin is too pro.

and the end of the day. forgot to take photos with alvin and kishok. they not going cyber ....... =(
2 more days leaving malacca mmu campus. will miss pavithra, behnam, alvin n the gang damn much i think. as laughters n cheering can always be heard when they are around. =( thanks for the sweet memories.


Lee said...

yer. dunno y. feel sad after reading ur article. actually it has nth to do with me, but, i can feel wat u're feeling. just treasure the memories u have. =D

reddishTea said...

haha. thanks.
yealo. haih.... 2 more days to see them only. nex time less chance d. and sure got a gap d 1. haih =(