Saturday, 10 May 2008

m&m *ngeks*

just back from parkson. went there took my lunch with jinsoon, kiat and cs. MUET test finally finished. saw many familiar faces in the hall. the essay ques sounds like this... "academic excellence provides successful life" something lidat lar... i forgot ady and i don't even want to take the papers out from my handbag and see. and the listening... second part was kinda difficult to listen man~~ the echo in the hall is too heavy.

okok, back to the title of my blog. M&Msssssss! always my favourite tibits to nibble at. *twraaaa*
last week (duno which day ady lar) , clicked on boss in msn and chatted awhile.. asked him bout his leg and update myself but his news la.duno how talk til m&ms d... then he said he gonna get me 1st, i really thought he kidding 1 lo... so i din take his words. until yday, he suddenly rang up and ask me do i eat m&m peanut 1. then evening, he came to my house and ask me go out. then i saw duty free shop's plastic..... *scream* m&mssss!~~~~ boss got me one tong of m&m peanutsssss~~~~~~~~~~~

my super delicious m&mssssss~
open up~

last nite was quite boring after revising some applied maths... sien la! y vertical circular motion and solid revolution so difficult 1????? and i cannot concentrate at all. why ah?
then i go play with my nail color. do pedicure with the color (silver sparks) i bought the previous day in skin food.

my toe nailsss~ still got another color. dark brown. haven start use. =)

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Lee said...

yer.... boss treat u so good!