Monday, 26 May 2008

Langkawi and Penang trip Day 1

yay... final exam finished! and holiday begins~

Langkawi and Penang trip Day 1

this is the trip which we decided earlier on during our yam cha session. forgot who was the one who came out with the idea. and yeah! it went successfully!

on 22nd May
early morning 7.30am we gather at boon ken's house then one love's dad sent us to LCCT. our flight is 10.20am. after checked in our luggage and retrieved our boarding pass. =)

this is mine .
at 10am, the gate for AK6302 has opened and our flight~

and we're ready to take offffffffffff~ i love the feeling when planes taking off from land. =D


about 11.10am, we safely landed on Langkawi International Airport... Pulau Bebas Cukai! (Duty Free Island)

we waited for our luggages and we rent a car for 24 hours... it was wira with KV890C. =) After we asked for the direction to our resort, we got in to the car. Our resort located approximately 10 minutes from our resort... it was sooooo near.. Langkasuka Beach Resort, Langkawi's only private beach resort! fantastic?

This is our room

After we did some changing.. change our outfit... unpacked our luggage, applied sunblock and..... exciting trip begins!

Our 1st destination is Oriental Village, the place where you can have cable car rides.

and this is our first meal in langkawi.
After we taken our lunch, we went to cable car tickets counter! It's RM25 per ride, but if u show your malaysian identity card, u can just get it for RM15. =)

and we went up! ken was very afraid of the ride. hehe... =p and we went up to 652.5 meter above sea level!

magnificent view from 652.5m above sea level!

and next, we continued the ride to go up to...... 710m above sea level! it was veryyyy high.

"You are now at 710m above sea level. *wheets*

tweeee... me. =)
and our next destination is... Seven Wells (Telaga Tujuh)
it was very high up! after about 25 minutes climbing up the hill... we were sweating and very tired. but luckily we did not feel disappointed! because....

TADA!!! fresshiee cooliieee water! so niceeeeeeeeee.....

me and kei.
me.myself. enjoying the cool and fresh water *dance*
me and ken. i love his shirt sooooo much! attractive colors.

and.. their act get caught by ken! hahaha. funny pic! XD XD XD

and time for group shots

take a look at this.. we have climb 238m+242m=480meter and 367steps+271steps=638steps to reach seven wells...... not easy huh? think twice. it's worth when u reached up there!!!

After seven wells, we went to Black Sand Beach (Pasir Hitam).

at 1st, i really don't believe there is a beach with black sands.... until i reached there. *drum rolls*

we on black sand beach!!!!!! nicey nice?
the sand is nice... so we use branches to write our names on it. keke
my name... and me "Yintse 220508"

twraaaa... [us] posing with our names on black sandy beach =D
all of our names
after that we went to kuah town... and i love the eagle there! the person who helped us to take this pic was really funny... and i was actually laughing there.
one love, who was our driver in langkawi. Thanks =)

Ken. who read map and gave direction to us along the trip. Thanks! =)

wonderful first day of the trip! and i'm loving it! "<3"

Coming up next : Langkawi and Penang trip Day 2, Day3 and Day4


irene said...

aw, it's only the first day and you guys have already gone to so many places.

nicee plans! and pretty picss!

5kywalker said...

wakakaka WELCOME! lol weeeee, waiting for more posts...hahaha i still lazy to start mine>.<

reddishTea said...

irene: hehe yeah!! cos we want to make our days packed! hehe. so went many places in a day. thanks thanks!!!!

love: faster write!!!!! i wanna read urs. ken wrote d.

5kywalker said...

i wrote for 1st day already...but i think almost same de lar..haha at 1st i wanted to write in chinese so that will be different but in the end no also=.=

reddishTea said...

so wei la u. hahaha. i go read 1st!!!!!

hueyMay said...

so nice!

Raymond said...

OMG, i've made plans with frens to go on the same trip to langkawi, same airline, same hotel and same places to visit hahahah. i thik i can save my money and just read your blog only la much u spent on the package? AirAsia Go Holiday package rite? ^_^