Thursday, 15 May 2008

Fishing My Way To Made Of Honor

got an update mail from nuffnang today. feel very interested with their events always but never attend even single one before. sad case. *sob* really wish to join some bloggers' events. very badly. =( hope to know more bloggers from nuffnang.

so.... move my hand to my mouse and try fishhinggggggggg~

what are u thinking? it's fishing using ur mouse. sounds like kids' game right? but it's hard to score u know? when we were small, we used to played this often.. (i mean me, XD) but that time we were using a stick and put into the toy fishes' mouth n pull it up. now, we use need to use our mouse to go fishinggggg online~

it's a contest to win an exclusive invitation to 8 course dinner at JW Marriott KL 12th June which features various wedding themed performances and the movie premiere of Made of Honor right after the dinner. it's by Hong Leong Bank in collaboration with Buena Vista Columbia Tristar. =)

JW Marriott~ woopppsss..

Made of Honor

fishing fishing fishing to made of honorrrrrrrrr~

fishing result.... hope it's qualified. =( i wannaa gooooooooo..........

UPDATE!!!!! A+ A+ A+ *yayyyyyy*
arrrrgh... how awesome if i can win? ticket to the grand event... ticket to the movie premier *drools* and i never been to any premier before!!!!!!! 20days more to 4th june. =(

If you want to try this for fun, you can go to here.
For nuffnang-er, try it ! The deadline is 4th June. Gd luck! Steady ur hand! XD
For more detail, visit to nuffnang's official site.

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Robb said...

cis, higher score than me