Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Mee Siam Kampung 8


went to kampung 8 for mee siam....... that mee siam vy nice! especially the pie tee there! nice nice nice............... hahaha. i think it was the last chance to eat there d... nex week leaving malacca... hmm. i think i will miss malacca!! everything will be different in cyber. *sounds sad*

so here is my meeee siam~ use my hp to snap as i didnt bring my camera along that day.
this is the pie tee... the pie tee which made by the aunty super delicious and crispy!

upload some photos i taken during my free time 1st~~ haha...

this is my fav place of mmu mlc campus.... windy and the tree is nice!

stupid kiat! fight with children bcos wanna get this. =.= *keke* went parkson for MCD after muet writing test...

saw my name ? 2nd last column. in waiting list for Dr William Chan's consultation. columbia~

love you for life! <3

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