Friday, 9 May 2008

Happie Mother's Day

can't celebrate mother's day with mum on the actual day. so probably celebrating tonight.. keke. just a dinner perhaps.

last night spent 3 hours to do a handmade card for mum. then went Dataran Pahlawan bought a ruby white gold pendant for mum.. kekeke! hope she will like it. but i already put at her bed side last nite.. then she opened this morning. and she love it. kakakakaka!!!!! XD *joy*
this year present sharing with 3 brothers.. ha.. =)

my materials...

halfway doing...

front cover...

inside.... chose the wrong photos... should put 4 children 1... *sigh*

the card and the present...

the present! damn love it. went to jusco to get a box because Lazo Jewellery's box is so not nice ... =.= and i love the ribbon. XD XD XD

Brought this nice stuff back from shopping today. nice. shared with dai kei at 1st... but then my dad likes it... so.... sorry to dai kei.

sigh... back to revision. Applied Math. T.T final is just next week.. but i still not yet start my revision. what am i doing this time? so lost.

yes. get myself stick on chair and start now!!!!!!!!!!! but my hands still on my laptop. sigh.


hueyMay said...

yalo..should put all children ma..aiyo
nice oh..pandai

Lee said...

yea lo!! should put all children
weird la
only u and ur eldest bro! hahaha!