Thursday, 15 May 2008

Exactly one week

exactly one week what?

exactly one week to 3 weeks freedom!
exactly one week to Langkawi and Penang trip with a kei, ken,love and xiang!
start to count down. 7 days.

cant wait for this trip! hope everything turn out nice with the planning of kei,ken and love! sadly i cant join. stupid exam!!!!!!!

left 3 more papers... Probability and Statistic, Chemistry and Applied Math. Applied Math is loathsome!!!!!! i cant even understand the last 2 chapters and im unwillingly to understand them! *vomit* now working on chemistry.... 2 days only read 1 chapter. *pull the trigger*

chemistry *yiak*

McD Ayer Keroh. bunch of mmu students every night. haha. feel funny of this so snap it. 2 big cars in between 3 little kancil. XD

I <3 m&mssss.... the packet of white m&ms from HK will be my tibits during my final~ cute right?

yay.... going malacca's drain side lala tonight! whooooops~ longkang lala *dance*


Lee said...

yer!!! so damn cute!
yea yea!! langkawi!! go go go

Lee said...

du geng!! u really replace back. i mean after ur
"second trimester", u RARELY blog. but now 1 week dunno got how many posts. hahahah!

reddishTea said...

yea yea thanks! im back!!! and i wanna stay active. haha. hopefully.

kanki said...

u everyday 'pou' one hor?

reddishTea said...

not me everyday pou. is im going to leave mlc ady.