Monday, 18 August 2008

I love!

=new addiction=

is it new? nah... addicted few months ago.. what is it? Cuppacakes by +wondermilk! damn cute weh!!!

rose cuppacakes

red blossom cuppacakes [love the combination]

pictures taken from their official site... =)

I w-a-n-t.... =(

The shop is located at
cuppacakes® by +wondermilk shop & cafe
no.41, ss21/1A, damansara uptown,
damansara utama, 47400 petaling jaya

opening hours:

mon-sat 9am to 8pm
sun 12pm to 8pm
closed on public holidays


-waiseng- said...

jom jom :D

gianne said...

i ordered cupcakes for my birthday before! it's just so cute. not from wondermilk, design so-so... though much cheaper and it's pretty decent on the tastebuds.

she happens to work in cyberjaya haha