Friday, 22 August 2008

a 'guest' of my bathroom

2 days ago, when i woke up.. as my daily routine... 1st thing i will do is --> clean up myself. while i was showering, i saw something at the bottom of my bathroom's wooden door. i thought my eyes blurred (cos just woke up right...) then i turned my eyes to that part again... and it was a... mushroom look alike thingy???!! it was soooo small! but then until today, the 3rd day is already become like this!

really no idea why this thing will appear.

what do u think about it?
p/s: it's not my hometown house. it's in the house where im staying for study purpose. things getting older in this house... *uek* sorry for the bad quality photos. taken using HP.

pp/s: sorry for lack updates... things are getting busy and out of control. *sigh*


gianne said...

Did someone got rejected then go plant mushroom in the corner??? Poor person.... Very the Tamaki from Ouran High School haha

hueyMay said...

hahaha...dou gu lou visit u

ruth tan said...

is that a mushy?

My Profile said...

haha.. adui.. mushroom always grow at this kind of place eh la.. old wet wood will got wan... haha

Gideon Yoong said...

wah damn kua cheung lor got mushroom grow.
sumore i like to eat mushrooms.
now i would like to think twice, who knows they came from ur bathroom