Tuesday, 2 September 2008

:) random

woke up early in the morning tried to do something new to my new hairstyle. yet haha, i duno how to wax it. lmao. went to class at 9am till 2pm. 5 hours class. luckily 2 tutorial sessions cancelled! woo hoo! and went lunch with *dumb ass*! came cyber so long d but didnt ask him out for lunch/dinner. sigh.. what a bad fren i am. *sigh* sorry dumb ass... but really had a great time with you this afternoon :)
i'm glad to hear that you have darling already. tee hee XD can't wait to see your gf. haha!

came back and printed notes and arranged my files. non stop arranging! grr.. im still in merdeka holiday mood larrr... how? went to C programming workshop held by IET and IEEE. after that meeting with IET members. they're funny and nice.
~sigh~ promising..... XD

went for 7-11 to have mysterious flavour slurpee after that =D

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