Tuesday, 16 September 2008

the 100th post

noticed that im going to reach 100th since this morning when writing bout t.g.i.f post. but no idea this 100th wanna write about what. probably wont be a post full with photos anymore.

u showed me ur friend's blog. his chinese is too good already. and u let me played a puzzle game. the only hint u gave me was--> "comment" ... and ask me search myself... i was like.. "wth?" okay... thanks to my curiosity. i played. went through all the posts.. until the rave party post only i gave up, and u told me actually ur hint in ur fren's blog. waaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttt?! fine fine. go there and finish up my puzzle game. done? actually not... the puzzle is just half done although i've found the comment....

i know all this while i've been a bad friend for you. as well as a bad gal..and of course, i bet u must have notice that.
i always refuse to laugh when u told me lame jokes but unconsciously i affected by u, create lame jokes.
sometimes your sentences got many isi tersirat, but im dumb la... hard to understand isi tersirat!! sorrry. hehe.

if there is a word sorry than 'sorry'... that's the word i wanna say to u for what i've done.


**not related to previous quote post**

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