Monday, 22 September 2008

My Elephant

okay.. mana tempat ni?

Answer :

few weeks ago... we went My Elephant for dinner. tee hee XD

hmm.. forgot what its name. but very nice and cooling. got the.. duno what it called. biji biji 1. hahaha... Have a drink=)

Tom Som. i consider this as spicy. so andrew said i can't try the super spicy one. T__T

paku vege...

green curry.. nice! nice nice!

dragon fruit salad prawn. nice nice nice!!!

i love the green curry and dragon fruit salad prawn the most!!! XD

thanks for bringing me to My Elephant and thanks for the meal. =) thanks alot yeah uncle. XD

very full after eating...


ruth tan said...

nice food eyh !
the name of the place is unique

weiren said...

wow. spicy food.

so nicez..


Lee said...

now i konw why u're broke.
envy die me meh~
so nicee..... sigghhhh
i can only eat mix rice :(

reddishTea said...

ruth: yeah, the name of the shop sounds cute huh? =D

weiren: yeap yeap! really nice, come back faster!! hehehe...

p: no lar... this meal is by andrew wong, so i should thank him much much hhaha... nex time i bring u there. but i duno the direction. mayb can ask quah how to go?