Monday, 15 September 2008


One saturday, met up with waiseng in sunway for T.G.I.F..
yay~ say wanna go try tgif long time ago d but finally did it on a saturday... (last last week?) haha. blame me for always cant make it..

let the pictures do the saying =)

chocolate chips milk shake

forgot its name. hehe =p but it's niceeeee

fish & chips

hmm. forgot its name!
and yea, waiseng ordered a chocolate cake too... didnt take picture of it.. it super big cake. full~ okay... luckily waiseng ordered before i reached because we were starving before this! haha. thanks ya.

the person i wanna thank to --- thanks for the delicious meal!
after that, we went to starbucks to grab a drink. yea, we were full but... hahaha.. i wan my java chips!
met up with ting le after that. miss her alot although both of us are staying in cyber jaya. hahaha! and yea , i cut my hair. =)


-waiseng- said...

my face camera blocking :(

reddishTea said...

hahaha! purposely shoot it that way lar! lolx. =)