Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Just passed up our ECP programming assignment today!!!! YAY!!!! finally it's over! stayed up till 7am this morning just for complete the flow chart.

thanks to my group mates. shaobin, you jian, shaynee and wen chuan!! nice working with you guys. hehehe...
GoodBye ECP assignment~~ i dont wanna see you again please. keke

the 6th piece of our flowchart. keep function call! arghh!

u've no idea how many hours we've been waited for this word! "END"! *claps* 6 pieces mahjong papers of flow chart!

GoodBye to my P licence! actually my P licence expired at 24th August. but now only post up. haha. thanks mum for helping me to renew and thanks dad for sending my new licence to me all the way to cyber jaya! muakz!

buh bye P!
tee hee =P finally... no longer a percubaan licence driver on road!

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