Sunday, 7 September 2008

candle light dinner. but not me.

last nite we successfully persuaded my roomie did a candle light dinner with her bf because something happened made her unhappy for so long... heartache to see her like that. but today, can see smiles on her face! *claps*

okay, a surprise successfully made to her bf. =D cheers

all of the housemates.. Me, nee, sq, su lin, jess, even pandai and monkey helped out too! tee hee! XD

the d.i.y candle light dinner~
the people who helped. *keke*

later all of us went out to leave both of them at house. hehe. went dinner with monkey. then 7-11 for slurpee! aha!

candle light dinner... *awww* i will wait patiently.

we're happy to see a smile on her again. =)


ruth tan said...

that's sweet !! good job!


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ChoCOlatePrInce said...

yeah yeah~
she smile A LOT today~
dun look sooo stress ad~
when is ur turn?
i help u la~

M'eLLe said...

hey babe!!! I MISS YOU LOADS!!! eh, mana cbox??? btw, it is my great grandma who died.. and dun nid to feel sorry... honest, i had no emotions during the funeral thing... and gosh, so sweet leh the candlelight dinner.... so thoughtful!!!

reddishTea said...

thanks! tee hee XD

my turn? hahaha.. i think yours come first la.

oh glad that u're fine. weh! i got cbox la, y u always cant access to my cbox 1? haha. hehe thanks. i wanna add u in msn.

M'eLLe said...


yeah lar... cant see the cbox.. cant find it... stupid computer larr.. haha