Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I am officially a Delta student in MMU now! ahhh shit, sound so old! another 6 trimesters to go. so lonnnng! gonna be a damn busy trimester. :( taking 6 subjects, i hope it's not a wrong choice to drop Java and take Multimedia Technology and Application.

Hopefully the trimester goes well. *fingers crossed*

oh yea. so many new faces around the campus. the freshies freshies and those who transfered from malacca campus. welcome and good luck.

-another 3 weeks till mel back Malaysia!!!!!!!!! for 3 days.... =S but it's okay, i hope we have a great time when he's back for the 3 days!


nee said...

YUUUUUUUUU u dun make so cute face can anot?!!!

i wan to kiss ur cute cabbagy face lar kekekekke

reddishTea said...

u want me kill you or lock u in your room dowan let u out bo? keke

Anonymous said...

LOL..cabbage face