Saturday, 26 June 2010

catching up with sook hui and tj :)

got a call from sook hui on sunday morning and we set 2pm for lunch! hehe. after accompany mum to jusco to buy her shoes and they sent me to Pizza Italia to meet with sook hui and tj! they are just so lovely! tj shares with us a lot useful tips. i love sook hui's watch, alot! *random*

we enjoyed ourselves there. we talked and laughed like there are no anybody else sitting in the restaurant. nice catching up session with the girls. will be hanging out again after sook hui traveled back from melbourne! woots!

i love this photo!me and sook hui in red and the wall is pink! ❤

anyone going urbanscapes tomorrow? i am! it's my first time going to urbanscapes!

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CyberPunk said...

whats urbanscapes?