Tuesday, 8 June 2010

You can pro in drawing too! :P

Do you know you can easily be a pro in drawing too? XD

Can you draw this? it's not hard for people who are good in drawing but for people like me, who aint good in drawing (actually is totally a noob in drawing), definitely need this thing! hehe!

Went to ikano last week and dropped by mum's friend's daughter stall. She sells alot cute stuff. Do you know the music box? you can customise it urself. choose the song you want, put in a wooden box (or plastic) then decorate the box and it's yours! she's the one who selling it! oh back to the painting stuff. This is it! Paint according to the numbers. It comes with the water colors, brushes, palette and the canvas. On the canvas, it has numericals and alphabeticals which make life easier! :P

I'm so surprised to receive this from her. Her husband saw me eyeing at this when i was at their stall. Then, she passed to her mum and her mum took to my house and passed it to me on sunday morning, right before i back to cyber. how nice! Thankssssssss! will start playing it very soon! :D

Interesting? Get one for yourself too! =D anyone who interested, ask me for details. :D


kanki said...

you should tell ppl where exactly is the stall lah!

reddishTea said...

anyone who interested, can let me know. wait, i edit the post.

Rolling Fumbling Thug said...

Lols! Kidding! A painting like puzzle, right? We have alphabets behind the puzzle. Kaka, for newbies, keke!

-EdwiN- said...

y need numbers n alphabets for???? rmb to show ur masterpiece once ur done :D

fufu said...

wow nice... looks interesting