Thursday, 13 November 2008

i'm back again!

sorry for neglected my blog for so long. hehe.. *lazy*

was busy for the past 2months.. exams examss and holidays. and i've missed so many outings + gatherings =(

i'm back to uni now! trimester 2 had just said 'hi' to me. it is just a short trimester which last for 8 weeks. argh. hope there is something good will happen to me this trimester. =]

recent addiction : cross stitch. lmao.

so what's cross stitch. click here for more info from wikipedia. :)

let's show you what i've done. hehe.

my favourite, dragonfly. will it replace the dragonfly that i've lost? perhaps no.
what you need before u start ur cross stitch? the basic three.

1. evenweave fabric
2. threads
3. needle
a picture of a little girl
half way.

she has pinky cheeks. just left face undone. =p
DONE! i spent 1 week on this... my left eye bit blurry each time i finished one color. haha.. i think it's because the evenweave fabric's holes are toooo small.

as you can see in the 2nd pic, it has another side which is a picture of a lovely couple. but now new trimester started.. i think i wont have much time for it. =(

i'm back and i'm back. take me out. =p definitely need more exercise. put on weight during holidays *sob*

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