Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Olivia Ong in MMU Cyberjaya

Guess most of the people here know who is she and her popularity is increasing lately. She dropped by mmu cyberjaya last 2 weeks for her Malaysia promo tour. "A girl meets bossanova" and "A girl meets bossanova 2" made me listen to her songs very often last time. Heard that she's coming and the ticket just RM6 per person, so.. why not? :D

RM6 for each. worth it? definitely yes although it was just one hour but she sang 3+1 songs.

the guy from DJ club and her. like her in the banner behind them.

she sang "You & me" , "Ain't No Sunshine", the little nyonya song and alas "sweet memories" when people shouted for encore.

This is her new song, You & me.

Among all the songs, i still love her "fly me to the moon", but too bad she didn't sing it that night.

Download BUY her new album, "Olivia" and enjoy it. I didn't know she has this new album until weeks before she came to MMU cyberjaya. haha. because all the while i just listen to her old albums.

I love bossanova, do you? :D


Eric Ng said...

i vote for bittersweet xD

zhenlong25 said...

lol asking people to support her by downloading instead of buying =.= geng! xDDDD

Rolling Fumbling Thug said...

ERgh, downloaded the songs? Lols!