Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Birthday to Neo!

First of all, Happy birthday to NEO chong! 1 of the 4 girls.
Happy 20th, how's the feeling of turning 20? =p

This is Neo. happy birthday. xoxo!

the 7 of us. shee, james and others all not free =(
and this year, we got her an ice-cream cake! :D
below is boseyung, she was playing with the melt ice-cream and get scolded by all of us because it was verrry awful!

everybody loves NEO! haha


kanki said...

eh she has present i dun have present???

reddishTea said...

got got. ...
hav u received my carD?

hueyMay said...

i didnt noe u take boseyung pic
apa la neo chong..@@
boseyong kong?

reddishTea said...

hahah. neo chong. u lar!!
yea, boseyung kong
ramadi lee

LOL, don wanna mention bout mokgobja. lol. many ppl asked me why raingod. but i din really answer. haha

hueyMay said...

my frens oso ask me y raingod..hahaha

reddishTea said...

haha. then why raingod actually? LOL! but very nice. so many years d, still raingod. haha XD