Friday, 20 March 2009


my blog has been hibernate for so long. it's my last trimester of my first year.. joined 2 events. been very busy with the meetings and other uni stuff. hope there will be a pause soon.

wish my brother a HAPPY BIRTHDAY here. couldn't wish face to face as he's still in Singapore now.. happy 23rd! no idea whether you've received my card as i posted by using the normal snail mail because i'm too broke to use poslaju! haha. sorry!

Happy birthday to you once again! love you lots..

i guess it's my lucky day too? and i mean lucky in the double quote. went programming tutorial lab at 10am today and finished at 11.30am so went to engineering faculty 3rd floor to check out my engineering maths 2 test 1 result. after finish checking our results, we took the lift to go down to lower ground floor and guess what... we get trapped inside the lift! ish.. *speechless* and doesnt seem like the lift was stopped halfway because the light and the fan were still on. and we rang the bell, knocked the door, shouting "hello" to the people outside. after 15-20 mins, the technician finally arrived. but the lift door spoilt by someone when we tried to open it. haha.

well, first time trapped in the lift. thank god that im not trapped in a dark lift. if not it's gotta scare the hell out of me. and coincidently, jason and xm passed by! they keep taking pictures outside. -___-

photo taken from xm's fb
and yea, this is taken when the big size guy spoilt the lift door.. the door senget d.

There was a warehouse sales at Wisma mca on thursday and friday. L'oreal warehouse sales! omg, things are cheap!

these are what 3 of us bought. oh yea, there were other brands too. Maybelline, Garnier, Elseve etc. but too bad, i cant get what im looking for. the things started at 11am, we arrived around 1pm and well, many things no stocks already. sigh.

alas, happy birthday to Mr Jason pop! sorry that unable to attend your birthday gathering tomorrow! so wish you over here in my blog. haha.

an old picture! haha. happy birthday once again.

that's all for now. I've updated my blog. finally. :)


-EdwiN- said...

OMG!! is u ah tat stucked in the lift ah!! >_<

i know got ppl stuck inside lift but duno is u guys, my hsemate kept warning me nt to take tat particular FOE lift.. =x

reddishTea said...

shooohh.. world is like so small right. ish.

why leh? that particular lift in FOE always jam 1 ar?

-EdwiN- said...

yalo, too small

haha, wat u do shout "tolong tolong"?? who else were in there? canot imagine u shoutin for help ><

er..ya, my hsemate told me it happened several times, altho i tak pernah kena la =D

eh can check for me also ah my eem marks?

reddishTea said...

haha, my housemates and a stranger. i didnt shout lar, lol because the light was still on. =p

haha, have to go ranusha's room there check... now i at hometown d lor. :D