Friday, 23 January 2009

Result is out!

Gosh, result is out.

so fast.. just heard that it's coming out on 30th but not even 10 minutes later, another friend told me it's out. :( so fast

Dear mmu-ians. Good luck :)


Gideon Yoong said...

hey hey
so how u did lar exams?
good news i hope?

lcfu said...

wow... so can go back home and celebrate cny happily? at least no need to worry about the result =)
anyway wish you a happy and prosperous chinese new year ya =p

reddishTea said...

Gideon: hmm.. ma ma dei only.. happy chinese new year to u.

lcfu: haha. thanks alot. happy chinese new year to u too... how's ur cny? =)