Friday, 23 January 2009

Olivia Ong's

Try her songs. very nice. and her voice... NICE! if im not mistaken, she's a singaporean.

Olivia Ong's- Fly me to the moon

try other olivia ong's songs too. nice.

Olivia - A Girl Meets Bossanova I
01. Fly Me To The Moon
02. Meditation
03. Feelin’ So Good
04. Where Is The Love
05. My Favorite Things
06. Love Fool
07. The Girl From Ipanema
08. Quiet Nights And Quiet Stars

Olivia Ong - Girl Meets Bossa Nova II
01. So Nice
02. Kiss Of Life
03. Wave
04. L-O-V-E
05. How Insensitive
06. One Note Samba
07. Make It Mutual
08. Driving
09. Fade Away
10. I’ll Move On
11. Kiss Me

sorry for the lack updates. CNY just in 3 days time. hav the CNY mood yet? =D
anyway. Happy Chinese New Year to all.



hueyMay said...

u noe wat
i'm doing a flash project,
taught by ss de nai ma de son,
the name is
"fly me to the moon"


we have to choose a version of it


i've chosen the song by olivia ong!!!
haha..ther's alot of versions of this song..

si beh ngam!!

i have to present after cny

reddishTea said...

wah!!! really ngam woh! hahaha
y so ngam de!
then can i see ur flash after u've done? hehehe

can lar ok? =p

lonely guy ^ - 9 said...

yeah, Olivia Ong is Singaporean...try to listen to another song of her "sometimes when we touch, which is sang by Dan Hill previously.