Monday, 12 January 2009

Shanghai Breakfast & Shanghai Oldtown

just finished my 2nd term final exam.. weeeeee.. XD so currently in my hometown now. feel so lazy. everyone seems busy, for exam, assignments and own stuff. Cny is just in two weeks time. so fast. i haven finish shop for cny! =( have you? ok stop the crap, gonna post about Shanghai Breakfast and Shanghai Oldtown.

slept at 11-ish and woke up at 7am in the morning (healthy!=p) after had our showers, walked down Tian Lin Rd towards the market which located about 3km from where we stay?

the road, so many cars, cabs, bikes and bicycles.

I definitely love Shanghai breakfast! u know why? because I can eat my favourite xiao long pao(小笼包)! the xiao long pao in Dragon-i cost approximately RM10 for four small biji. but in Shanghai, 6 biji-s for RMB3 and 12biji-s for RMB5... cheap cheap cheap! where can u find such cheap and delicious xiao long pao in Malaysia?

the market

田林第一鸭包子, they sell various type of pao. mei thought that they really selling duck pao due to the name. haha then both of us went queued up for it. but end up the ppl shaked his head when mei asked him is duck pao available. haha! and another miss stood aside and laughed us. -________-
so we bought 2 pao-s. and just cost us RMB1. mean about RM0.50 for 2 pao-s! uhh.


xiao long pao, dumplings and siu mai! hehe
what we bought for breakfast. 小笼包,锅贴,肉包, 葱油饼,鸡蛋饼,豆奶水.. all these are less than RM20. we cant even finish everything!! and full till unable to move. =(

yes, i love the xiao long pao, i asked them to wake up early everyday to accompany me to the market but got rejected everyday! ish.. and until 9th day, they went with me *grins*
someone took this when i was crossing the dangerous road with my xiao long pao.. hehe. prove my love for xiao long pao. hahaha. oh ya, i used the word 'dangerous' for the roads in shanghai because the vehicles don't really follow the rules, they do not even care about the traffic lights especially the cabs. -_____-

after that, we took a break after had our breakfast as all of us couldn't move already. haha. then, we went down to catch a cab at around 11-ish to go Fabric Market, Shanghai Oldtown and Yu Garden.

This is Shanghai Oldtown(上海老街)and it's really old..

this little girl is cute. not sure what was she doing there.

look at the buildings. o-l-d

the police cars.
and then we headed to Yu Garden(豫园) after Shanghai Oldtown. it was just walking distance to reach there. =)

till here, stay tune for Yu Garden post =)


lcfu said...

how i miss xiao loong bao~~~

maro^gal said...

nice nice... i love 小笼包,锅贴,and 葱油饼 ... hehhee

hueyMay said...

u stil rmb so clearly..
i forgot the exact place i go..haha

My Profile said...


how i wish one day i could go there too.. =(

reddishTea said...

yea, i miss the xiao long pao too =(

hey. hehe thanks thanks

haha. agak agak only. some i forgot ady... then got photos remind me. haha

yea, of course u can. the day comin soon for sure. =)

Roslyn Kong said...

Bad lar you! Why didn't ta pou the food for me?
Sob sob~

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info