Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Hello World!

I have totally no idea why i put such title. It reminds me of programming things. @_@ next trimester i have programming subject. oh no.
well, the title could be due to how outdated is the reddishtea dot blogspot dot com. let me see... the last update was in december 2009 =S wonder how many people still remember reddishtea? =D even my mum is asking me why i am not updating my blog anymore when she sees me during the weekend. @_@

I'm still alive. just that timetable is a lil.... messed up.

oh yea, the latest update of me : I went to Pulau Ketam few days ago! with the gang. glad most of the people can make it but too bad, IRENE KONG unable to make it. :( but it's okayyy. it's fine. we'll have another one, king. =) we travelled to Pulau Ketam and back to port klang at 3pm and then... the randomness lead us to Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam. the weather was too good i think, no rain but it was a sunny day. and i'm darker now. Guillaume asked me do not complain about my skin if I know anything about the Ireland weather. kinda makes me feel better. =S Next, the whole gang went to putrajaya due to ME wanted to go back to cyberjaya. hehe. big thanks! that's our one-day trip. =) I enjoyed a lot.

A picture of Pulau Ketam. credit to zL!

a note: don't simply judge if you don't know anything. because you might make people upset. ;)

I still Ryan Cabrera's True. Sing to me again.. *you know who are you ;) *


nee said...

i know i know!! its me =p

reddishTea said...

:P then u may start singing now as u're just behind me. haha!

Kong Irene said...

hahaha, IRENE KONG unable to make it. sorry laaa sayangz.

HELLO WOLRD, that's what BILL GATES first posted in TWITTER. ;D

Roslyn Kong said...

Friends don't judge you. For those who judge you, ignore them because they are lifeless, keke.

Eh update my link too! >.<

Finally your blog is updated.

kanki said...

got bf must let me know.
i got gf also will let u know de lol.

reddishTea said...

irene kong: you're the organizer for the next trip :P

roslyn: but i will get very upset once they judge. :( yea, finally. hahaha, u update ur blog very often!

kanki: why you so random? u got gf d ah?