Thursday, 22 April 2010

Ikea for Brunch

On this random morning, I don't know who came out with the idea of going Ikea for brunch and since we are going to Subang so poofff, Ikea meatballs here we comeeeee! =p heheheh!

everytime when we go ikea, we'll go walk around first before we start attacking the meatballs. look at the furnitures, my favourite lamps and candles corners, beautiful carpets, my dream book shelf will make me have more imagination and inspiration on my future home. haha. oh yea, i always dream to have a nice and big shoe rack! to collect and keep my footwears! instead of letting them suffocate in my car. @_@ poor shoes.

and b-t-w, this will always come to my mind when i reach Ikea Malaysia... *below*
Her: How does ikea malaysia looks like?
Me : I thought u been there before?
Her: No la, i just been to Ikea shanghai several times.
Me : -__________-

and the Her is a local. you know who you are, woman. don't laugh when u're reading this! and ikea shanghai happen to be the largest ikea in Asia or ..? no idea. but definitely bigger than malaysia's. since she is so kind to bring me to ikea shanghai last year so i reward her by bringing her to visit ikea malaysia. fair!

okay, time to hit the food!

meatballs! this round we just ordered 10 meatballs because he ordered chicken chop or chicken don't know what, cannot remember the name! *slurppsss*

ta! this one is the chicken chop i mentioned above. ok ok laaaah, not bad. =p
my favourite vege! juicy brocolli! =))))))

and this is a must-order item! Daim Cake! yummmmmmmm. i will eat damn slowww when come to this piece, make sure i enjoy every single bite of it! hehe! my whole meal will be ruined if without this! :P

what we have ordered. it is freaking a lot for 2 person. =S but anyway we finished up everything :p

spotted the cup in the above picture? we don't order that but a random uncle gave us that. hek hek! there was a group of few uncles sitting at a round table chit-chatting and they were in sport shoes all, we assumed they just finished jogging. and this uncle called us when we passed by their table and said they have an extra cup so ask us to go get some coffee.

we chit chatted and enjoyed our food. and this is me with a satisfaction smile on face :)
Thank you. :))

>sigh, cannot go back seremban for few weeks. I miss my parents, my bobby, my raingod, my m-ians, my bed and every single thing of seremban.

> am heading to Equatorial Malacca on this sunday for MMU award because AdventuRace get into Best competition Award and Best Integration Award nomination list. :)))) anyone will be there as well?

enough. stop here but urgh, can't stop thinking of Daim Cake! a closer view! temptinggggggggggg!

I wanna go Ikea again for the meatballs, Daim cake and brocolli with the sauce! Long time never go d! *the photos above are not new, since i long time never update my blog d maaa* :p

meatballs meatballs meatballs

daim cake daim daim daim!


okay enough! chao! :)


My Profile said...

wow. really look nice.

anyway.. im going! woohooo... i mean the MMU award.. haha

-EdwiN- said...

damn!! u make me hungry on daim cake n MEATBALLSSSSSSSS at tis time! >_> u din state ikea which shop tho, wher har wher har? i wan try =P

kanki said...

walao. i went ikea singaporea also not dare to eat so much...

by the way it's no different the meatballs in shanghai, singapore or malaysia. the taste is standard one. that means the same as ikea sweden.