Thursday, 16 October 2008

exam? OVER!

finished my last paper at 11am this morning. sigh. screwed up again. again and again. was moody for the whole day. and until now... stil the same. *scream*

nothing else i can do but just pray hard.

abandoned my blog for so long. .. sorry! i'm back again! went pavilion this afternoon. but didnt shop much tho as we were tired. but keep eating. aha. gonna update my old posts. hehe.

last week, my bro came home with a surprise.

what's this? *giggles*
yeap! the thing i wanted since a year ago!

ta-da! why it's not red???? but never mind. as long as it's psp.

Coming Up Next: Lunch in *fills in the blank urself* giv it a guess. =)

Where is this place?

*countdown - 4 days


Andrew said...

fuiiyooohhhh!!! PSP!! =D i wanna get IPOD TOUCH already... hahah

reddishTea said...

hahaha! go go go! and get one PSP too lar! can play games together. hahaha!

angie said...

wah wah... so good! too bad mine's a NDS. cant play with u.

kanki said...

save money and buy one for me la, then we can play together, ha ha.