Monday, 6 October 2008

exam period

sorry for not updating my blog....
having my final examination =(

what i can say is.... S.T.R.E.S.S
just finished 2 papers today... hope everything is fine. really pray hard.
will update once i finish my exam! many to update! =D
looking forward to 15th, 16th, 17th and 20th onwards! tee hee!

i miss my new gadget =( left it in seremban.

ok. 2 photos. haha.
taken using my hp when im bored.

had java chips last wed in genting. have a cup of hot/cold startbucks there is nice although genting is boring but thanks to its weather. =)

okay... 3 more papers to go!


hot stock pick said...
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weiren said...

oh shiat u looking forward to 15, 16.... but i hope they wont come...nex week is my midterm liao.swt

hueyMay said...

15 16 wat happen??

hueyMay said...

saw ut chatbox there
going to shanghai n have a psp?

angie said...

ooh al the best!!!

Andrew said...

jia you la!! all da best!

reddishTea said...

joker: good luck to you!

jan: sorry just checked my blog today! told u this morning. hehehe.

angie & andrew: thank you so much! hope everything goes smooooth

Lee said...

go go add oil!! muakss!

hueyMay said...

gia yau for ur field theory :)

reddishTea said...

thank you thank you!!
but the paper screwed up..