Friday, 17 October 2008

Let's dine in Dragon-i

Went Pavilion after the shitty circuit theory final paper. was bad mood after the paper like what i've mentioned in the previous post. did alot unexpected silly things. XD

reach pavilion around 2pm. then walked around to choose which restaurants to enter. at last we chose Dragon-i (龙的传人) this is the 2nd time i dine in dragon-i. the first time was with my bestie and her cousin in midvalley. She recommended to me. =)

Dragon-i, Pavilion

what i ordered. Si-chuan La Mian.

and of course, you must try the Xiao Long Pao if you dine in Dragon-i!! a must! They serves delicious xiao long pao! i love it damn much. four for RM9.
and this! superly cute piggy buns! wei yi likes to camwhore with it alot. hahaha! cute her.

the dessert. recommended by wei yi. Honeydew Sago. nice. cooling. =D

these are what 3 of us ordered. after that walked around. spotted one blouse in Zara! but didnt buy. and now regret. y everytime same thing happen? *sigh*

3 of us are half dead due to final exam. i slept not more than 10 hours for 3 days. =/ can die? but that day nee was the first one who collapsed. =p pity her. so dun have the shopping mood. after walking around.. wei yi told us bout the oysters and my desire towards oysters made me cant resist from walking into Carlos.

ta-da!! we ordered 6 of them. Rm2 per piece. Cheap?

Best served with Tobasco Sauce and lemon!

wheetssss. oyster lover i am!
the drinks. the oysters are cheap. but the drink. NOP. one mocktails, one cocktails and one orange juice.

mine... =Dwei yi's cheese cake. she said it sucks! no second time for this.

and nee saw this on her oyster. haha! little oyster. =p

after came out. saw Fruity Berry (is it ? cant really remember) wei yi and I bought ice-cream. haha. we wanted it to be a shopping day but turn out.. non stop makan day because we were tired to walk around.. nice hanging out with nee and wei yi!

countdown: 2 days


Michele Tan Lay Wern said...


jan said...

i wan countdown too

BabY mILo said...

envy envy envy envy~
=.= =.= =.= =.= =.=

reddishTea said...

lay wern:
hey! never know u dropped by my page too! it looks nice. but taste.. ahem, no. =)

hehe, when ur countdown become "0", it's my final exam time again. =(

no need envy larr.. nex time we go! hehehe.

Michele Tan Lay Wern said...

yayaya! and i just linked you ! :)
neways, your headerr nicerrr.. so preettty that picture!

kanki said...

wah everyday go out enjoy!!!
no wonder mum always complain lah

lcfu said... many nice food~~~

Mi-lle said...
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Mi-lle said...

hey bring me there!lol