Saturday, 6 June 2009

short updates

just came back from a trip with parents and friends last 2 days.

had a gathering with secondary school friends and gang last night. hehe... as usual.. king, jan, ss and me keep laugh non stop. this time linxin joined us. she's damn cute and funny. but duno why, no photo taking session last night?

just came back from catching up with 2 friends. lol. nice catch up afterall. went to see cute dogsss too! i wish i can have one more dog so bobby got brother to play with. =p actually seremban got quite many nice food besides the siew pao what...

taken when Bobby was targeting rambutan. a bit random here. but i love him!
going a lok lok's birthday bbq/steamboat later. hehe. Happy belated birthday to you! =D

* will update about my CNX and CEI trip real soon i hope? =p 5GB of photos from 3 cameras. haha! XD one photo to show first. =p

The famous White Temple, Wat Rong Khun.


fufu said...

wow...chiangmai and the wat in chiangrai =p nice!!

reddishTea said...

fufu: yeah it is... make it your next destination. keke