Wednesday, 10 June 2009

CNX-CEI five-days trip

it's holiday again after stressful months.. but the holiday ending so soon. X_X the holiday just 2 weeks. lame. and results coming out very soon. shyt. it's bothering me. seriously.

went for a trip last week. 5 days 4 nights Chiang mai and chiang rai. Miss Sze Shee joined us this time. haha XD as well as Quah, his mum and his bro. and 2 days before the trip, found out that linxin was going to CNX with her mum too and after chatting with her, only know that we were actually going in the same group! haha. what a coincidence!

met at the airport (haha)

the flight delayed twice @_@ luckily we have friends to play and talk with. so after 2.5 hours, we arrived in Chiang mai international airport and the bus and tourguides picked us up for lunch. Our first destination was Doi Suthep temple, the famous temple in CNX. it was drizzling that time. luckily i have my jacket with me and ss brought umbrella! XD

Doi Suthep.
People wrote the wishes on the bell.

me and billy. praying
cool aunty. she loves to use linxin's dslr. haha

cnx view point
around evening, we went for a thai massage. a 2-hours full body massage. first experience ever. hahaha. i still can remember how is it feel like. geli. me and linxin were laughing non stop for the first 10 minutes. haha. but it was okay after that.

linxin. ss. me. another aunty. before massage. and the wash legs session already can make me laugh until my tears out..

after the massage, we had our dinner at the place next to the massage place. The Kantoke Dinner.
some shows during our dinner.
and the last one, the thai invited us to go up and joined them. haha. everyone was very shy at first but luckily we were in 1 group so the five of us went up. haha. one of the thai guys keep smiling at linxin. hahahaha. quite a cute guy.
Back to Suriwongse Hotel, the hotel we stayed in CNX. took a short rest and walked around.

I love second day the most. We went to elephant camp. yay. i can see cute elephants again. So before elephant camp, the orchid farm first. the orchids there are very nice. colourful! i love flowers. =D

the tour guide is doing some explanation

u can buy these back to plant if you like

love flowers love flowers love flower XD
i like the orchid which pinned on my shirt! :P
the orange 1
the yellow 1
the purple 1

Headed to elephant camp after orchid farm. second experience of riding elephant. the first was in Phuket during 2006 :D

the kind elephant trainer jumped down from his elephant for helping us to take a photo. cute and obedient elephant. ♥miss dai kei and me on elephant. =Dnext, the ox-cart

the ox-cart riding platform

and next, we got to enjoy the cute elephants performance. didnt want to write much... because this post will be very long. XD let the photos do the talking better.

he's drawing! smart elephant. he did think how to draw before he painted.

their artwork. he was playing football at the back with his owner after drawing. :P cute

this is him. cool? XD XD XD!

i go very near to him and suddenly i felt something dropped on my head, the first reaction was, ran few steps away and looked back. haha. then i noticed the elephant was actually trying to wear the hat for me.and then i walked back to him again. =P
the baby elephant was actually trying to kiss dai kei. more pics will post up in facebook. funny one. :P

yay, i dare to stand near to the elephantsss!

went for bamboo rafting after the show

house on a tree

dai kei and me
quah and billy

they asked us to try. i didn't know that the bamboo is so heavy until i hold it.

my turn. it's not easy. i dropped the stick and luckily the person sempat to pick it up from the river.

it was raining halfway. thanks to dai kei's purple umbrella. :P

then we went to a place where they make paper umbrellas. The people there are very very good in drawing. they paint the umbrellas themselves.

i bought a plain black shirt and picked one artist to draw for me. i picked this uncle. he really geng! free hand. after that, the tour guide told us that he is the most geng 1 among all. wheets. hehehe. lucky.

i wanted a dragonfly painting very badly. but just now that one, he didn't draw dragonfly so i went for another uncle. this one. hehehe. he very good. draw according to what i want.

yay.. i love the "I ♥" shirtsss. and im collecting from different countries 1! "I ♥ NY" , "I ♥ Paris", "I ♥ HK", "I ♥ London" etc etc etc! so people who reading this, if you happen to travel to anywhere, help me grab a piece =p I will pay you baccck! thanksss! =p haha
At night, we went McDonald for the Samurai Burger =p finally can taste McD pork burger. =D thought of tasting it in shanghai last time but the mcd there don't sell pork burger.

Mr. ronald: sawadee-krab

3rd day, woke up 5.30am CNX time. had breakfast in hotel at 6am. @_@ oh yea.. there was a super cute little kid in the same group with us. hehehe. she's super cute.

taa-daa. that's her.

then, headed to Chiang rai.

Hot spring in Chiang rai.

u can buy eggs there and try boiling them. just need 10 minutes. and the eggs are hard boiled.

put the eggs inside here for 10 minutes.

It took about 3 hours to 4 hours journey from CNX to CEI. @_@ we went for a lunch before headed to Long neck village.

Long neck karan. I think this woman looks very familiar. Do you? i think she appeared in some tv programmes. Haha. Long neck karan originally from Myanmar and they are considered as aliens by Thailand government.

there are few cute long neck girls in the village. this is one of them.

this is another one. she's very pretty and cutteeee! only 11 years old.3 of us with one cute long neck girl.

they're dancing.

cute siblings.

solar system?

the next place is Doi Tung Royal Villa.

short pants and sleeveless are not allowed. so they have to wear this on. XD

beautiful garden.

the golden triangle. we took a boat ride to the border of Laos from here. check Golden Triangle from wikipedia.

we bought postcards. to send back to malaysia. haha. till now also haven receive yet. already a week. lol. XD

sunset at mekong river.

the 4th day. went to the White temple in Chiang Rai. there aren't any monks in the temple because this temple built by an architect. it's his ideal temple, he sold his drawings to earn money to build this. it's a very very nice temple.

before u walk into the temple, u will pass by this. we wonder why is this so then i asked the tour guide's sis, she told us that it symbolizes hell. when you want to go to the heaven, you have to pass by hell, think what you've done wrong in your life and throw them inside then only walk to the white temple.

the whole temple is full with these tiny glasses. so in sunny days, you can see the whole temple is shining. reflecting of the sun light.

this is actually a toilet but it's not open to public.

little pineapple. it's small in size but it is sweet.

after that, we headed back to chiang mai, went to Gemstone factory, birdnest factory and honey factory. the gemstone factory is big and it is ISO 9002 recognized.too bad we're not allowed to take photos inside. parents bought me ruby pendant and earrings because ruby gems are more suitable for july babies. wheets =P the thai in this 3 factories all know how to speak mandarin or can say that there are many thai who can speak mandarin in Chiang Mai. =D

okay. come to the last pic. hehe. Quah, the bee friend. lol! this is cute! XD

finally, finish blog about CNX trip. i didnt elaborate much. enjoy the pictures. too many and im lazy to edit. =P can visit my facebook for more photos. will upload soon.


kanki said...

dun wait for me...

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ur shirt.!cool!!

i love gajah!!
cute die

Billy said...

:( our trip ended ad so fast. ! week pass liao. Miss those days. i still havent update my blog bout it.

reddishTea said...

kanki: our holidays not match. bring me go HK la!

jan: yeah yeah. gajah cute die! hehe. u wan rear anot?

billy: yaa. and today is the last day of holidays :( Faster update ur trip :P

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