Saturday, 10 October 2009

Stress free for two weeks and Telok Gong for Seafood

f-i-n-a-l-l-y! month and monthss of exams are officially OVER now. yay! I was sooo hyper after the invigilator collected my paper! you knoww.. the tests were like non-stop for the past 2 or 3 months, cant even remember when was the madness started. I hope papers are all okay and I can be hyper again after 2 weeks which is when the results release.

went kfc for lunch after the paper because need to help bro to collect the mini cars.

don't you think they're cute? cute beetle! I just bought 5, there are 6 in total.

Around evening, get myself prepared to go Telok Gong for seafood! I can still remember I missed the seafood outing with Sandra and the gang last year! This time, went with all uni friends, there are 18 of us. but then 8 of us a table and 12 of them another table. Thanks a lot to Henry who did a lot of blog hopping to read about the restaurant, what food nice and delicious, google map the location and the ride! :D

Reached Telok Gong around 7ish, managed to arrive safely and smoothly. XD
Restaurant Coconut Flower Seafood

take a look at the restaurant first. :)

saw those huts? If u wanna sit at those places, call up and book first :)

hehehehehehe, let's see what we've ordered!

1. Toddy (fermented coconut flower juice)

Taste not bad. Try it if it is your first visit there. Some of them love it.

2. Fried mihun

Nothing special

3. Fried mee with oysters

This one is better than fried mihun.

3. Fried Squids with Oats

The best among all I would say. I love the oats.

4. Bamboo Clams

Not bad, clean. not like some restaurant didn't clean them nicely.

5. Steamed Kepah

a type of fresh clams, bigger and nicer than the usual one. This one is nice, bigger clams are always better than those small little tiny one.

6. Coconut Tom Yam Steamed Prawns

You'll surely see this in everyone's table. Quite nice. inside got around 11 or 12 prawns. It is a must to order this when you visit Coconut Flower.

a closer look (i love onions) :p

7. Sweet and Sour Crabs with buns

The buns are nice but the crabs are disappointing. You can choose between 1 kilo for two crabs or 1 kilo for four crabs. of course we chose the first one because we wanted to eat something nice and 1 kilo for four crabs are definitely not so nice compare to the 1 kilo for two because they're smaller, that means they're not meaty. But the crabs are really not nice at all. DISAPPOINTED! the meats were so "lembik". eww.eww.

8. Kam Heong Crabs

the kam heong taste is not bad actually but the crabs are as disappointing as the above one. Seremban, Sitiawan and Chuah(Port Dickson) serve better and delicious crabs! No joke.

I crabs so eventually will put high hopes for this! but this one really disappoint me to max. sigh. :(

Free pudding for us

No taste. mum's puddings are much better. Ignore the ugly background.

A coconut is a must for every seafood meal (my opinion).

The leftovers

The service of Coconut Flower is good. Once you raise up your hand, the staffs will come very fast. Food overall ok just that the crabs spoilt my appettite. I didn't take much Toddy that night as I don't want my face turns red because it's alcoholic drinks. Seremban serves better crabs! The total bill for the food was around RM270. Reasonable.

Restaurant Coconut Flower Seafood
702,Jalan Udang Galah,
Kampong Teluk Gong ,
42000 Port Klang, Selangor.
11am to 10.30pm daily

Went Jusco Bkt tinggi for awhile and I spotted Mcd! went there to ask for the pink glass. no stock again :( Then Asia cafe for yum cha later on..

It's late. Time to sign off now. Listening to Duffy - Distant Dreamer.

saw this when I was on my way to Klang. ♥ sunset. :)


weiren said...

nice leh..exams turn now..haha

suddenly feel so hungry lar..yummy seafood~~

kanki said...

many restaurants are overrated de. especially those in SG and KL area.

hueyMay said...


i want to eat!!!
when do u wanan bring me there????

n u have all the cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i wantt!!!!!!!

reddishTea said...

weiren: wait u back we go PD eat la.. hehe.

hui: yealarr. very disappointed.

may: ahahhaha bring u to PD there eat ok? the cars total got 6, i only bought 5.. and not mine 1.. just help my bro to buy them. go collect, those cars damn cute.

Szeshee said...

I went there before!!!!! YEars back i think! when i was still a kid!!
my aunt brought me there! nice nice niceeE!!
next time bring us again!

reddishTea said...

lss: not nice one.. we go chuah there eat better.

Szeshee said...

okok! ON!

hueyMay said...


-EdwiN- said...

if the crab u said is as nice as it is..can tapao from seremban bring up sk? =3

reddishTea said...

edwin: why tapao? hahaha. seremban just one hour away from sk. or less than that. haha