Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Worries :(

Done with the second last paper this morning. Electromagnetics Theory, goodbye. hopefully
The last one on friday. anddd... two weeks holiday. yes, just TWO weeks.. sigh.

wasn't in the mood for revision today. so slacked a bit. :) and start tomorrow.

my 6 subjects started on 29th Sept

after finished 4 continuous subjects and 1 electromagnetics, it becomes taa.. left ECT(circuits and signals)

around 10ish, someone sent me a message to inform about the typhoon parma, a huge storm which brings unwanted rains and gusty winds. Typhoon parma hit Phillippines last week and killed quite a number of people and it will be back to hit again. Why there is always a second wave? *sigh* The message was asking people to stay indoor. Stunned when read the message because Dan is in Phil now. sigh. overwhelmed by worries. Hope everything will be alright. Pray hard!

taken with my ixus 110


Yvonne said...

all the best sue :D

reddishTea said...

hey, thanks!

-EdwiN- said...

TAA!!~ can clip off last paper d~

reddishTea said...

yay. hahaha see you later!