Sunday, 11 October 2009

M group and Seremban ♥

Came online and I received this notification.Wei Ren tagged me in a photo and I quickly log into fb to check out what photo is that. I thought it will be some funny photos but my first reaction when I saw that photo was "oh my god", he compiled this photo of us, so sweet of him! Thanks a lot :')

We have this group in msn since hmm couple of years ago? or a year ago. Thanks to cliff, james and wk who created so everyone can chat in a group easily. Everyone in different places, different environment for their tertiary edu.

1 in Canada
1 in US
1 in Melb
1 in Taylors
4 in mmu cyber
1 in tarc
1 in toa
1 in tanjung malim
1 in Uni petronas
1 in UPM
1 in UTM
1 in USM penang

We love the small little town. we love our secondary school. we love laughters. we love enriched chocolate ice. we love gatherings. :)

everyone is so busy with their uni assignments and examinations for this moment. now even we chat lesser already but i still hope and pray hard the bond is still there, last time, now, future and always. the sand will always be in the bottle. :)

15 people, 12 different universities, 4 different countries.

not to forget the three guys. The three who bring lots and lots of laughters to my life. they're helpful, good listeners, fun, humourous and you name it. can't wait for the next meet up :) Thanks ss for introducing them. asking you all out is like a must-ask question when weekends come. heehee. :)
(flag, u got no reason to ffk anymore please and may, u too! :p)

Raingod is the name. I miss the girls. I miss the missing boseyung. :(

now you know why seremban is awesome for me. this is one of the reasons I smile.
every single one of you.


*weiren's photo inspired me to write this post.... actually just thought of updating a short one before away. but ... more and more things pop up when i write.

*I miss A2-10-5 girls already even though holidays just started. :(

*excited to meet kanki on tuesday!
*excited to meet the snowman. :p
*excited and nervous at the same time to meet the people whom i will be meeting on tuesday!

a very random post. still haven't pack my stuff yet. :)


Szeshee said...

YEaa!! SWeeeet!!
i couldn't believe that mango would do thing like this. XDD
yeaaa! im very proud of them!
LOve you too!!!

hueyMay said...

love u too..
indeed very sweet
we r more one than one msia..XD

ya woh..reali cant blif mango did tat....

i love seremban ...very much :)))

My Profile said...

lol! speechless. i just can say.. you really like seremban a lot.

fufu said...

yeah i have friends from all over the world here in germany =p