Sunday, 16 May 2010


Holiday is hereeeeeee! after few months of nightmares, finally! hooray! but high fever hits me yesterday.. :( lay on bed whole day to rest just to make sure i feel better today to meet up with my beloveds. :)

don't even have time to update my reddishtea because just study study and study for the past few weeks. it was omg-stress final exam. :( need to make sure i enjoy to the fullest during this holiday. but how? :(

went to Pulau Ketam one week before my finals started =) had a fabulous one day trip with them!

Ketam Island. by Chow Zhen Long :) beautiful

we departed as early as 7am. Thanks to lei kei and OL to fetch all of us. Thanks ;) else the plan will fail again. Since we are going to the island from Port Klang jetty so of course we grabbed this opportunity to eat the bak kut teh there! yummy yummy :)

we were lucky that day because the water taxi was ready to depart at the moment we reached. the trip took us around half hour to reach the little island. the first creature i saw was this! any idea what is this? it looks very uhmm geli but it looks cute when it jumps!

the guys

tourist help touristS to take picture

our superstar tagged along too =) bangga!

a random photo of them

fresh udang udang

this is creative!

in front of a random house

cool lei kei!

a group pic is a must.
the weather was too hot that day and we decided to take a break and had our lunch at one restaurant which recommended by miss lim. :D the restaurant serves average and cheap food! imagine, 7 dishes only RM140! the 7 dishes included fishball soup, Giant bamboo clam, prawns, crabs, fish, vege and mantis prawn! we ordered this as well due to the super crazy hot weather.
mango snowflake

mine. chocolate snowflake.

here comes the giant, huge bamboo clam! i swear i didn't exaggerate, it is really huge!


fishball soup. i like fishballs :)

a random pic that i like! ol, nice one! :P

Crabs. i didn't eat this because i was super full!


part of the dishes

mantis prawn

i like this too! =)

Jason is showing how big it is. with the funny face. hhahaha. nice!

get all the cheap food here! it's the first shop u will see when u walk into ketam island. on your left. :)

we were too full and the weather was too hot so we decided to leave the island after our lunch! but this time we were not that lucky. no water taxi so we had to wait but hey always look at the bright side no? that gave us a chance to take more pictures!
this is the water taxi :)

a group pic again by a random indian uncle

our superstar with my shade again! *so honoured* LOL


me in lei kei's shade

jason trying to hide something from the camera?

owh! now i know what is it. :P

the superstar was very full. btw i like this pic!

a group pic again before we say bai-bai to ketam island.

hehe. can i cut and paste paste boseyung in?

in the ferry saying good-bye! :D

See you again, Pulau Ketam! If i come back, it's definitely because of the seafood only.

we headed back to Port Klang and we stopped aside to decide the next destination. i like the random-ness of this! =)

Guess where are we going? :)


Rolling Fumbling Thug said...

Wah. Still remember the time we went to Pulau Ketam before? Planned to see sunrise but all of us failed badly in this, keke.

reddishTea said...

haha ros, that is pulau kukup!! with qc them right?

kanki said...

well, i saw sunrise in pulau kukup when u guys were still asleep.