Friday, 21 May 2010

Taman Pertanian

continue from the previous post, we reached port klang at around 3pm and we all think it was still early and yet we had no idea where to go next so we searched the interesting places using Alok's GPS. and yea we saw "Rumah Empat Musim" simply means four seasons house. It's a place which i heard since i was in primary school but never been there till year 2010. @@

We reached there successfully with the help of GPS. GPS is really good hee hee! weather was super hot that day, good and bad. good because we no need to walk in the umbrellas, bad because i get tanned. saw ice-cream bikes around! me and cliffy each got one ice-cream :)

he can eat damn fast.

spotted the skytrex banner once i reached taman pertanian's car park. ishh. wanted to try since long time ago after saw Beng Han's skytrex photos in facebook but haven't got the chance yet! been told skytrex is fully booked this month! @@ this time we only tour around taman pertanian and of course enter the four seasons house.

Taman Pertanian shuttle bus
get in and have a group pic by a Holland tourist

another 200m to go!

sigh. bicycle :( didn't get to cycle that day!!! :((

that time we went was spring. nice and cooling. i wonder how the four seasons house like when it changes to winter?

Rm3 to enter the taman pertanian and another RM3 to enter the four seasons house. :)

after came out from the four seasons house(well, it is very small only), we walked around and enjoyed the time we get to spend together at the huge taman pertanian.

when they spotted the big dry leaves.

Jason:how to make my tummy smaller? hmmm

the two amazing race participants wanna-be in action XD

me and may busy taking pictures for each other while others are up at the tower.

playing with lei kei's cap

by the time we finished explore taman pertanian, there were no more shuttle bus service available. Their shuttle bus service only until 4.30pm. :( We have to walk out and they were figuring which way to use here. everyone was exhausted.

Due to some reasons, I asked them to go Cyberjaya/Putrajaya. They visited and took their dinner at Alamanda, Putrajaya while i headed back to Cyberjaya alone. we met up again after 2 hours and lepak at Putrajaya to take some pictures.

then we ended our one-day trip. :) wonder when will be the next?

** KO-ed since last saturday. sick for almost one week and my holiday is shorten :( Must recover by tomorrow and go get tan on mondayyy :) twra-la-la-la!

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