Monday, 18 June 2007

dining at madam kwan's 170607

In the morning, me, mum and 3rd brother followed my eldest brother, daniel to Bangsar New Village shopping mall. ehmm, when i stepped in, the first shop i saw was WAREHOUSE. but that time we followed daniel to Vincci because he got work at there. The Vincci there was vy much different with other branches. I saw a vy nice shoes but when i turned to the back of the shoes to look for the price, it costs RM269.00 I stunned... put down and look for another 1. yay, it's RM49.90. I tried. it fits my legs. haha! and go and look for other shoes. all the shoes there are above RM100, RM200, RM300. jus the only one costs RM49.90. so i tried that and bought that one lo. i still can't afford those expensive shoes. i'm a student~ hehe

after that we went Mid valley megamall. we had our lunch there. daniel suggested Madam Kwan. the interior of the shop is very nice.. after ordered the food, we took some pics. haha. i love to take pics. I've ordered Mushroom chicken rice, mum just ordered bubuchacha. 3rd brother, kanki ordered nasi lemak whereas daniel ordered char kuey teow. sigh, jus remember to take our pics but forgot to take pics for the food.. sorry, my mushroom chicken rice =( but it was sooo delicious. The rice there were different with those normal rice. It was vy small one. haha. cute. *lmao* I bet everyone has a very good appetite if dining in madame kwan. and yea, i ordered ice lemon tea. they gave u a cup of sugar in liquid so that you can add how much as u like..

Welcome to Madam Kwan's restaurant.

a focusing of rose

my mom. |pwrettty mum|

3rd brother, kanki

hmm, it's me. waiting for my lunch to be served.

me and my eldest brother, daniel. I forced him to take pic with me. *evil laughs*

mummy and kanki

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