Saturday, 16 June 2007

introduction of Me

I've heard bout blogspot long time ago but I've chosen Wretch as my blog last time. Recently, i'm very interested in blogging. actually not so recent also. haha. hmm, introduce a bit about myself here. I'm turning 18 this july and i'm from seremban, negeri sembilan. malaysia.

Currently, I'm doing my alpha year of Foundation In Engineering in Multimedia University, Malacca campus. hope i can adapt myself in a new environment and achieve good results.

I'm interested in photography, lomography, shopping, blogging, flowers and traveling. BUT i hardly get any chances to travel. =( I wish to have a digital SLR but i just can put this wish in my wishlist. sad case. When i see people carrying and playing with dlsr, I drooled~ yea i do love lomo too. Lomo LCA....... hmm hmm *eyes up*

a pic of mine here.

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