Sunday, 17 June 2007

Ocean's Thirteen

4.30pm show in TGV, jusco seremban 2. OCEAN'S THIRTEEN. around 11 something, yixiang texted to go for Ocean's Thirteen. but i was busy for something and result, i forgot to reply him. so until 1 something shee texted me. at 1st i don't feel like going because my purse really burned. but then shee came and fetched me. so... go la~

I don't really understand the starting and i don't feel it's funny at 1st but i wonder that the couple who sat behind me can keep laughing. *faint* my friend who sat beside them really can't stand them. The story is not bad. the team is very smart. and the oprah winfrey part is funny.

here's the review of Ocean's Thirteen. Enjoy~ It's nice.

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