Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Human Development 1st lesson

well, I've attended Human Devt 1st lesson today. My lecturer is Madam Vemala.. erm, she's humourous. 1st half hour she talked about her last vacation. she said when she reached a stall, she saw ROASTED DOG in the menu. i was like 'huh?!??!' and talk bout how delicious is dog meat, the place she visited no stray dogs because all sent to restaurant and served as food.

(isn't too cruel), says my internal voice. after that she said if we go to Hong Kong, we can see MONKEY BRAIN in the menu.

Mdm Vemala : people say monkey brain makes u sexy.
Me : (sweat |||)
the class : HAHAHA.......
Me : (sweat once again |||)

and the next half our, mdm vemala gave us a work. write a paragraph about "what is Human Development" arghh, essays. i hate essays. been so longggg i never think and write in proper way. I'm started my paragraph with "Human Development is a progress which a homo sapien grows from infant." and the next and the next and the following sentences i wrote like s***.

after that, mdm vemala talks about sex? huh right.

Mdm Vemala : anyone here is not a virgin anymore?
the class : (silent.....)
Mdm Vemala : anyone here is ready to get married?
the class : (someone raised his hand)
Mdm Vemala : come and see me after the lecture, I'll teach you about sex.
the class : (laughs....)
Mdm Vemala : It's important for you to know safe sex. It's to protect yourself, not just girls, even guys. You can run your hand anywhere BUT not penis to vagina.
the class : (laughs again but this time laugh longer than the previous)

that's my 1st lesson of human development. and mdm vemala asked us to get a textbook so that we can score A without a problem in exam. is that true? so easy to score? sounds like if u don't cut your hair, your hair will be long. ||| and we're given a group assignment. 5 people in a group and build a multicultural group. currently, my group has 4 members, all chinese. we wanted to find an international students but they're occupied. It's essays. we need to pass up a 10 to 15 pages essays. arrrghh...~ the topic goes like this "Life span development in my group".

sigh, going to my english class at 5pm. gonna get ready now. so till then~

more information bout human development

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