Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Dine in Sushi Zanmai

First of all, thank you very much to BOSS!!!! for taking me to sushi zanmai at the gardens after my class yesterday... my class till 11am only. haha, how lucky is that beause my tutorial replaced on monday!
we quite sesat at 1st because he didnt use his N95's GPS service... =.= but at last we reached too. ahaha, we saw so many nice cars in front of the gardens hotel... from Audi to Ferrari.. *.*

introduce our boss... boss of me, sze shee and ai ling. hahaha.. why are we calling him boss?? no idea.. since secondary, he's our boss. =) and he's my neighbour as well who stay in the next street of mine. but soon, he shifting to another taman. =( he craves for salmon since... duno how many weeks ago. hahaha... and asked me and sze shee to eat with him in sushi zanmai. too bad sze shee cant join us :( she got 2 tests this week.

Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens. Last time wanted to try this in pyramid but full house..
weeeeeee. I love this the most!!!! cawanmushi... but i forgot what its name... i mean the big big ebikko look alike thingy. hehehe, i love putting them in my mouth and squeezeee them. =p


Salmon Fish head. Boss love this and keep telling me bout the Omega thingy =.=
and of course... we crave for SALMON !!!! fresh fresh... ordered 13 pieces. =p

chuka itako. nice too!

we found this baby octopus looks cute.

and this... crab with macaroni cheese... damn nice
close up

after we finished our meal, as usual... the "bak yim" one. decorating the crab

and... results,
haha!! well, sushi zanmai is nice! delicious.. hahaha, thanks to boss again! will save more money to dine in there again! yesh, i love japanese food!

arrr... malaysian studies test tonight! wish me luck. =) and i want to watch TWILIGHT so badly! =(


My Profile said...

i also wana watch la..

and bolt also... =(

lcfu said...

hahaha love japanese food?
guess you gotta go to japan and truly taste the authentic washoku(jpnese food)

Andrew said...

wished you luck!! and hehehe... BOSS!! LOL =D sushi zanmai was fun!! =D

Roslyn Kong said...

Hey sushi Zanmai very nice rite?

*Wu wu wu...* I brought my sister there last two weeks. Wu delicious! Haha.

Anyways, yeah quite a long time didn't see him, he's working in KL now.

Kelvin Uy said...

I like the egg tart..feeling hungry LOL

Szeshee said...

I wan i wan i wan SOBB!

shenTWO said...

banyak makan benda mahal~ =__=