Saturday, 20 December 2008

Farewell to C.W

last friday early morning, crawled up unwillingly to prepare to go converse warehouse sales because just slept for 3 hours, only. Got the direction all from google map. teehee. =D and we reached there successfully!

weehee, just gave the shirt to bro just now after reached home. and he smiled although the size slightly big for him. and as well to dad and mum. keke. their smiles cheered me. *grins*

came back and rested for an hour, and prepared to go to the farewell... so tired and that night i was like a dead fish. haha. the farewell dinner was at My Elephant, PJ. it was my 2nd time to dine in there. they served nice thai food and i love pandan cooler A LOT.

of course, photo taking sessions cant be missed out for bloggers. haha. we took quite a number of photos that night.. but i will just upload some la. hehe.

the people of the night.

hmm, so i think you guys already can guess the farewell party is for who... hehehe.
after that, we went murni for half-hour yamcha session because it's still early. haha. i tried the ribena special there. they put longan inside. not bad la but it's too sweet for me.
later on, we went poppy. had fun with them that night although something happened. =)

memorable day tho. =) cheers.

hope everything will be fine. *pray hard hard* :)


Chee Wei said...

haha finally a proper post on Paris! Don't worry, you can go there for your honeymoon!!! Anyway, Merry Christmas to you!!!

lcfu said...

hahaha you should come to hk... everything on sales everywhere now =)

reddishTea said...

Chee Wei,
haha, hopefully. Merry Christmas to you too. =)

so nice, u're like goin everywhere... hehe.