Tuesday, 23 December 2008


well, feeling very excited now. 24th is reaching ! not about christmas eve because i don't have any plan yet. huh, again, another year without celebration? but this 24th, our( me and ss) plan finally work! hehe, we always wanted to go shopping together but always fail... =( it's either she not free or i got tests. i think our last one was few years back? uhh.. and yea tomorrow going to shoppp for CNY. hopefully we can get something for ourselves and it definitely will be a nice day! she's a very good shopping partner for me. ahaha. =D

-just a little update of my days-
been watching final destination with my housemates.. the movies are so... yuck. but i think final destination 2 is a bit fake? went secret recipe for lunch today because my housemate, jessica's bday. Happy Birthday in advance Jessica! i know u wont be reading this.. haha.

yesterday was a very bad and unlucky day for me. RM50 flied away from me just like that. RM50 approximately equal to one top...!!!! =(

ok la, too many words. guess not much people will go and read lines by lines. aha. XD

Coming up Next: bringing u to somewhere... stay tune... =D


angie said...

merry christmas yintse!

Chee Wei said...

yeah that's still my all time favourite! Probably will change my header too!

lcfu said...

hohohoho merry chritstmas =)
*greeting from hk*

Anonymous said...

Jess here....Well....i did saw wat u wrote o...thanks ya^^